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6. Jehovah Roi - Lord My Shepherd
May 28, 2017 07:52 AM PDT
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Today Pastor Matt will continue our Names of God series with a message about the name Jehova Roi. We will learn how God compares us to sheep with him as the shepherd. This lesson will give an in-depth analysis of the famous 23rd Psalm, and we will learn the benefits of paying attention to our Shepherd.

5. Adonai - Lord
May 21, 2017 07:48 AM PDT
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Today Pastor Matt will continue our Names of God series with a sermon on the name "Adonai" which means Lord/Master. This name is used often in the Bible, and we will discover how everything we have is entrusted to our care by God, and our greatest joy will come in recognizing His authority over our lives and everything we have.

4. Jehovah Nissi - Lord, My Banner
May 14, 2017 07:55 AM PDT
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Today Pastor Brian will continue our series on the Names of God with a sermon on this week's name, Jehovah Nissi, which means the Lord is My Banner.

The sermon discusses a time when the Israeli people are journeying through the wilderness and encounter the Amalekites. God tells them to face them down because He is going to provide a victory. Sometimes in our own lives it’s hard to trust that God will provide. We get tired, despondent and fall into despair but God does not abandon us. Sometimes He watches us labor and struggle so that we build character and trust in Him. He becomes our rallying point, our banner, to keep us going.

3. Jehovah Jireh
May 07, 2017 07:57 AM PDT
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Today Pastor Zach will be continuing our series on the Names of God with a sermon about the name Jehovah Jireh. This name for God is only used once in the Bible, but the message will show us how God demonstrates the meaning of this name over and over again throughout the Bible -- and throughout our lives!

2. Pater - Father
April 30, 2017 08:34 PM PDT
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1. Yahweh - I Am
April 23, 2017 08:01 AM PDT
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He is Risen - Easter 2017
April 16, 2017 07:47 AM PDT
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That is the message that Pastor Matt will be giving this morning. And because at Easter there are often many people who are non-believers who come to church with their families, Pastor Matt is going to present the case for Jesus' resurrection just like a court case, so he can prove that Jesus is the Lord.

6. A Table-Turning God
April 09, 2017 07:51 AM PDT
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5. Getting Hung-Up on Yourself
April 02, 2017 07:53 AM PDT
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Today Pastor Brian is back to continue our series on the book of Esther and give us a sermon titled “Getting hung up on yourself.” He will help us understand where we get our identity, and where God wants us to get our identity. Sometimes we work to achieve an identity, but then find that identity is wrapped up in achievements that easily deteriorate. God wants us to work FROM our identity, not FOR our identity (as a child of God).

Understanding identity is important to show the contrast between Esther and Haman. Haman got his identity from his position, power and personal recognition. Esther discovered hers simply as a Child of God. We will learn that God works with whichever identity we choose—because identity determines our destiny.

4. Facing the Impossible
March 26, 2017 09:22 AM PDT
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Today Pastor Matt continues our series on Esther with a message called "Facing the Impossible." If you remember from last week's sermon, Queen Esther's cousin, Mordecai, has told her that the evil counselor Haman has issued an order to have the Jewish people killed, and Esther does not know what to do. She wants to ask her husband the King to save her people, but he does not know that she is Jewish, and no one is allowed to approach the King unless they are invited, because the King will have them put to death. But if she doesn't ask the King to save her people, she knows she will disappoint God. What to do? It's "Mission Impossible!"

See how Esther handles her impossible mission and learn how we can respond when God gives us impossible missions, too.

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